Take advantage of the trend for people to look at reviews before buying.  Our unbiased cigar reviews lend credibility to all brands.  From the newbie looking for basic info, to the connoisseur looking for in-depth reporting, CigarMayven has it all.

Would you like to advertise with us?  We have many opportunities available and are more than willing to discuss other ideas for sponsorship.

At this time our ads are sold by time.  You pay a flat rate, and your ad runs for a specified period of time.  We sell time in blocks of one month with discounts for 6 months and one year. 10% off for 6 months and 15% off for 1 year.

Std. Square

$50. per month

125 x 125 ad in sidebar

4 Slots 6 Ads

Top Large Square

$90. per month

250 x 250 ad in sidebar

Top position in sidebar  
Includes 1 Standard square
1 Slot 2 Ads

Sky Box

$90. per month

120 x 400 ad in sidebar

Bottom position in sidebar  
Includes 1 standard Square
1 Slot 2 Ads


We can help you with the creative.


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