Info for Cigar Producers

Why Another Cigar Review Blog?

Thanks for taking the opportunity to look at us.  We are a new cigar review blog created by some internet and small business marketing people with a passion for cigars.  While we speak on small business and internet marketing topics, we are always looking for examples of great internet usage.  So, rather than look, we decided to create one.  This is it.

Over the months and years ahead, we’ll use this forum to provide cutting edge advice on how to capitalize on internet marketing opportunities.  We’ll show how to increase readership, boos social media visibility, and run contests and other engagement vehicles.

So come along for the ride with us.

Event Calendar

One of the challenges of the internet is to keep people coming back.  Providing a continuing stream of timely and desired information is critical.  Hence, we will be operating a cigar event calendar.  As a vendor, you may post information about all of your events.  The events are then submitted for review.  The review process is not editorial, merely there to screen out spam.   If for some reason your event has not been posted in a couple of days, contact us by filling out a short form, and we’ll take care of it.  You may list as many events as you wish.  And, they can be anywhere in North America.  We encourage you to list.  The more events on the list, the more popular it will become.  This wins for everyone, you , us, and the cigar smokers who are our customers.

Press Releases

Please include us on the distribution list for your press releases.  In addition to the reviews, we’d like to do a regular roundup of industry news and notes.  Your information is the best way for us to find out what you want publicized.  The best way to get them to us is by email.  Send to  Let us know in what other ways we can help.

Review Samples

We are always looking for cigars to review.  We have 5 reviewers who are all experienced smokers.  Each has individual likes and dislikes.  We are all fair and unbiased.  Should you wish to provide cigars for review in any quantity, please be sure to include information about their manufacture, availability, pricing, and other info that you would like passed on.  Send cigars to, 2338 Immokalee Road, Suite 335, Naples, FL 34110.

Contest Prizes

We’ll run as many contests as we have prizes.  If you’d like to provide something for a contest prize, just send it to us along with a note of how you’d like us to describe it.  We’ll use that info and link back to you whenever we promote the contest.  You’ll be sure to get lots of exposure as we will not only post, but also cross post to our facebook page and repeatedly tweet about the contests.


Our business takes us all across the United States and we are all based in different areas.  So one of us is or will be near you.  We’d like to meet you face to face and chat about cigars.  It gives us more interesting stories to tell our readers and you an opportunity to share your products and knowledge with a large group.  We have reviewers in Florida, Las Vegas, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland.  Use our general contact form to inquire.