Another Winner comes from 231 Rockhill Road

Cuban Stock has done it again!!!

231rockhill torpedoIt has been a tiring year at  We had several challenges with our CigarMadness2016 contest.  All of our reviewers were smoked out having to smoke and score well over 65 cigars in a short 6 week period.  Speaking for myself, I took a few weeks off from cigars. And then cam back to deal with web issues that had developed while we were all busy smoking.  But, despite the hectic pace, it was worth it.  Decidedly!  There were many great sticks entered in the contest and we reviewers, who were blind tasting, eagerly awaited the results to see which cigars they could go back and smoke again.  So, after the smoke had cleared I was rummaging in the humidor and cam e up with  a nice torpedo.  I did’t even remember where I got it.  But it was a stellar smoke.

When I looked at the cigar it was very nice looking chocolate brown with an oily wrapper.  Since it was a torpedo it was cut flat and it lit easily.  It had a nice clean open draw and produced a nice volume of smoke.

This is a well constructed stick.  It burned evenly with a nice ash and a tight edge.  The draw was open and comfortable throughout the smoke.

This is a very mellow cigar filled with great flavor.  During the first third of the smoke it tasted earthy with notes of cedar.  As I continued to smoke the earthy flavor intensified adding a slight leather to the mix.  While there was briefly a strong aftertaste, in general this was a very mellow smoke.  I would rate it as a lunch cigar.  The final flavors had a nice spicy finish.  I like a cigar whose flavors vary as I smoke it.  this fit the bill nicely.

The 231 Rockhill is named after the street address of the maker, Cuban Stock Cigars.  They specialize in making affordable cigars.  this one at around $5.00 is well worth twice that price.  Enjoy!

Cigar Info

  • Cigar Name: 231 Rockhill
  • Brand: Cuban Stock
  • Size: 6.25 x 52
  • Wrapper: Ecudorian Corojo
  • Binder: Dominican
  • Filler: Dominincan, Ecudorian
  • Smoking Time: 55 minutes
  • Source: Manufacturer/Distributor
  • Price: <$5.00

Cigar Ratings

  • Overall: 4.5
  • Appearance: 4
  • Construction: 4
  • Flavor: 4
  • Value: 4.5

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