CigarMadness 2016

CigarMadness 2016 LogoCigar Madness 2016 has two distinct sides.

Welcome to CigarMadness2106, a unique two tiered contest based on the basketball tournament.  We will be using Yahoo Sports to host our contest.  To make or check on your selections click here this link will be live after selection Sunday, March 13th.
We will be using the Yahoo points system of scoring which insures more contestants will have the ability to remain in prize contention longer giving you the opportunity to win more prizes.
The second tier is a closed competition in the same format as the basketball tournament. Rather than basketball teams the competitors will be cigars. We have started with 32 cigars and our team of reviewers will match them off one against an other in blind pairings. From these 32 we will have eliminated half of the field (just like the basketball). The second round will similarly pair off the remaining contestants. As the competition draws to the Sweet 16 the number of reviews per cigar will increase. With each round the pairings and winners will be updated on the website, 

What Can I Win?


There are some great cigar prizes, including a selection of all of the cigars that we have smoked for the tier 2 portion of the contest.  Think about that, you could win 32 different very good cigars.  There are lighters and cutters, as well as t-shirts and posters.  Finally, for one lucky winner there is a day trip visiting cigar producers in their offices in South Florida.  Imagine spending a day visiting Gurkha, Aging Room, and El Titan de Bronze (where you will watch the expert rollers, hard at work.  I’m sure that we’ll some place for lunch.  And, of course my guess is you won’t go home empty handed.  There are sue to be more cigars than what you smoke.